Who is Kaan Husmek?

My name is Kaan! I am a 22 year old Mixed Martial Artist that is seeking to make something of himself. To make the most out of life with the oppurtunities I have before it's "too late!". I am from Melbourne Australia and grew up here. My nationality is Turkish aaaand yeah, that's basically the 'get to know me stuff :)".

Why am I doing this?

If you know me you know I love my clothing. I have a unique style and love to express myself without the care of others thoughts. I am an indivual that also loves rarity, If there is a piece of clothing that no one has best belive i'm interested. In my time i've come to find my 'style' and also figured out what the general public likes. In saying that with these collections, I am releasing clothing that I would genuinely wear. I've always had an itch to do a clothing brand. I've started it up so many times but never followed through with it. I've had burning and fantastic ideas but never took any action because I always thought to myself "Ok but where do I start?". Now, in these past few months i've taken the innitiative upon myself to throw myself into the deep end and just to whatever I set myself out to do. To stop using excuses and to chase a dream or idea! Do I know that this will sprout into something big in the future? Damn, i hope so!

All in all i'm doing this because I enjoy it,I like it and it makes me feel a certain way when I can create something for you all and show everyone. It's something that i've always wanted to do and now i'm making it happen. Turning my dreams into reality.

Let's see where the journey will take me on this end!

"discipline outweighs motivation" - Kaan Husmek

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